Saturday, March 26, 2011

{ the SIMPLE formula to picking which items you should feature in your etsy shop }

First of all if you are not taking advantage of Featuring items in your shop, that should be the first thing you do. Why? The Featured items are the first look that buyers will have at your products & the Featured items are a great way to establish the feel & overall idea of your shop.

But which of your pieces should you Feature? Most people Feature their newest items but they will show first in the Etsy search so you are really wasting those spots by using your most recent listing.The other most popular items to Feature are the ones that have the most hearts but hearts don't necessarily mean sales so stay away from that as well.
So I have developed a formula for which items you should feature:

{1st slot} Your best selling piece
{2nd slot}Your favorite piece: What piece represents you as a person, your shop or hold personal meaning to you
{3rd slot}Your second best selling piece
{4th slot}A seasonal piece: Use this one to capture the feel of the season, trends or holiday

Still have questions what items you should feature, ask away. 


  1. Thanks for a great way to list featured items. I have always wondered what prompted sellers to use as their featured listings.

  2. That sounds like a good plan. I prefer to mix things up. I change my featured items at least once a week. I use seasonal selections if appropriate, then mix it up with a color theme, then put my best sellers, etc. I try to keep it interesting!

  3. This is great advice and when I am looking through other etsy shops I see so many who do not use this feature at all. It took me a while to see this feature. I switch mine around a lot. I do not know if this is good or bad, but I figure people will see more of my items when they favorite me. I also make these four windows appealing to the eye!

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