{ about littletoad }

{ MICHELLE LITTLER, toad in charge }

I started littletoad in 2009, when I realized that not only my mom would buy my cards. I love doodling and can never be found without my sketchbook in hand. I love creating cards because it really gives me a chance to be a part of a special day or celebration.  I tend to be very playful and I never really grew up (but don’t tell my corporate job that). I believe that any good artist has to maintain their childlike wonder about everything around them to create. When I'm not drawing I can be found watching Food Network, reading memoirs of funny women, eating anything even shaped like a brownie and drinking iced mocha's. My fashion sense has been compared to Minnie Mouse, Jackie O, Carrie Brandshaw and Audrey Hepburn mixed together. Also did I mention I love polka dots?

{ PAGE DHARMA, CEO (cat executive officer) }

Page was a rescue kitty who got her name after her flipping through pages of any book you put in front of her. She loves being in charge with the day to day operations of the studio. She was also the inspiration for incorporating pets into our cards. Her favorite thing in the world: straw wrappers.

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