Monday, March 21, 2011

{ 5 ways to improve your etsy shop in under 5 minutes }

Picture from one of my favorite shops: The Daily Foto
We have all read the countless ways to improve our Etsy shops &  although it is all valuable advice it always seems to come to: take better pictures & renew listings often. So I came up with 5 very simple very quick things you can do right now that will improve your overall shop.

{1} Location, Location, Location: If you haven't already added your location to your profile do it right now! I'll wait...............................Is it added? Great! But did you know you can add multiple locations. For example I live in Erie but am also close to Buffalo, Pittsburgh & Cleveland. By adding those locations I have just increased how people can find me if they are searching locally. This also opens up greater opportunities to meet other artists around you & getting informed about local craft fairs. (HINT: Don't go overboard Yes we are all somewhat close to Canada that doesn't mean you should add it)

{2} Circle It: The circle feature is new to Etsy but it can provide a great way to network & interact with other artists. I have found countless new favorite shops this way and have had several buyers find me this way as well. It's super fun, easy & a bit addicting. Don't know where to start or what an Etsy circle is, read this article that will help you get started: (HINT: Don't add everyone to your circle it takes away from it's intent. Add shops you genuinely like & want to follow)

{3} I have an Announcement to Make: When writing your shop announcement keep it short and sweet. State what your shop is about, what you sell and a brief business or art philosophy. Everything else should go into your profile (and I do mean everything) Links to your Facebook, blogs, flickr, magazines & articles you have been in, your pets names, etc... are great if they are put in the right place. (HINT: If you do have a website not a blog you can include that in your shop announcement. Also if you do custom work that should be very visible)

{4} Raise your Banner High: We all know they are so many shops that will create banners for you but it's very important that you have a banner that is uniquely YOURS. Stay away from banner templates! I will repeat that Stay Away from banner templates! You want to create a banner that is consistent with the brand you are trying to market & the worst thing a buyer can do is open up your shop and get the feeling like they have seen the banner before. Your homework: Go on Etsy & look at different shop's banners if you like one send them a convo and ask where they got it done (most Etsy sellers are more than happy to help out a fellow artist). Also if you like a certain artists style and it never hurts to ask, most people won't turn down custom work. (HINT: It is very tempting to use free banners but think about it as an investment. Just think about how many times you renew listings, take a week's worth of that and put it towards a GREAT banner)

{5} Work the Slots: Ok, this does have to with photography but not in the way you think: Use ALL 5 photo slots!!! This really does boost the level of your product and gives the buyer added information to make their choice. What can I possibly show in all 5 spots? Glad you asked: show your packaging, show your item framed & matted, show your item in use or being worn and show your item from every possible angle. (HINT: Was your item featured in a blog post, magazine article or other publication? Take a screencap or scan of it and use that as one of your pictures-making sure your product is clearly visible)

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  1. Great reminders. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the great article! Tracy

  3. Easy and logical. I will certainly take this advice. Thank you for the article.

  4. Loved this quick and easy advice, did several things in between reading, one question....I can't figure out how to add more than one location, any quick instructions?
    Thanks so much for sharing your time and ideas.

  5. This is great advice and something that can be accomplished quickly! Thank you littletoad ♥


  6. Fabulous post!!! I completely agree with adding a location. I try to shop local (or as close to local as possible) so this is super helpful!

    Oh, and I agree with using all of the available space for images. I think that's super important as well!!!

    Thanks for writing this up! It's super helpful!!!!

  7. This is really awesome simple advice! Thank you so much. I love it.

  8. Thanks for all the great comments and feedback:)
    I'm so happy that my advice has helped.

    Kelly to answer your question you want to add each location as one long word not separate entries.

  9. Hi Michelle,
    Such great information! I'm new to this online business world and am still in the setup stages. It's been even harder than I thought, with all that goes with it--LinkIn, Blog, Website, Facebook, Etsy, and just the other day, Twitter. Whew! Still looking for instructions on a couple of those things, (Twitter or Facebook, anyone?) Nice to finally get something I can understand. Thanks so much, you're one to watch!

  10. Hi Michelle;
    Thanks for all the great tips. I am going to work on my site this week and make some changes. As well as list a few new itmes. I have been busy taking some classes but they are over now. Now it is time to pay attention to business and get some new items made and posted.
    Thanks again for all the super tips.

  11. I was about to use a quick temporary banner and avi just to get started on my new shop. Guess I'll have one made up for me, instead.

    Thanks for the tips.

  12. great advice to follow! THANKS :)

  13. Great advice! I have made sure that our Etsy shop has been updated to include all 5 points.

  14. I put away my banner quite a while ago and I've been thinking I need to put one back in. I have a lot of listings and it seemed to make my store very low on the page. Thank you for being so nice to share these tips.

  15. thanks for a timely checklist and reminder!

  16. well, it's look like some essence for improve etsy shop - thanks

  17. I am excited to make the changes to my shop, that has until now been sadly neglected. In fact I have so many new items not the jewelry I now have on there. I have printed your article and intend to make changes this afternoon. Right now I need to work in my ceramic studio.

  18. Great information. I thought Etsy made a change where they only wanted you to place one location in the "Location" area? I made that change...Should I go back and add back the locations I removed?

    Some of their changes can be a little confusing at times....