Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last minute adorable DIY holiday cards & they are FREE!!

With a week before Christmas you no doubt have been running around trying to get everyone on your list a gift, mailing out holiday cards and preparing for the office party (and by preparing I mean buying a flask).

But as happens with every year you miscounted and run out of cards or need unique tags for your presents. Well littletaod wants to help you out in that regard this year. Since we have had a great year we want to give you, our fans, a holiday present. And a real present not your Aunts fruitcake re-wrapped I mean an actual present.

We want to give you our two best selling cards this holiday season for FREE! That's right I said FREE! You can pick between our penguin card or our yeti card-wait, what i'm saying you can have both if you want!

What you will get:
A DIY printable PDF file of the card of your choice or both.

How to make your adorable FREE cards:
1) Print from any home printer on card stock (these files can also be used at any online printer as well)
2) File come with easy to see cut lines to make the perfect card, every time
3) Fold in the center
4) Inside is left blank to write your very own message
5) Pair with an 4x6 envelope and ribbon
and that's it!!! You have a great card perfect for sending, handing out or using to decorate your packages.

How can you get them?
EASY. Do one of the following things:

  1. Tweet this blog post and make sure to include @littletoad1 in it
  2. Share it on Facebook and make sure to tag littletoad in your post
  3. Share this on and make sure to @Michelle Littler in your pin
  4. or Heart my shop

Once you've done one of those leave a comment or email me ( an email address to send  you your file!
Thanks so much and I hope this makes your holiday a little easier.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from us at littletoad!

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